A room without books is like a body without a soul

I´m a crazy little girl and i love a lot of stuff. I love books, cats, good music, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings. Ah wait the Avengers! Ok I could go on and on and on, but you can ask me or just look at my blog. I try to show you a little bit of my craziness.

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Ladies and gentlemen, and variations thereupon

You know, I’m amazed that in all my time on tumblr, I’ve never seen a single post appreciating this lady. I mean, do you realise what is happening here?

This is clear and casual acceptance of gender non-conformity in mainstream media. And not only is this in Doctor Who, with an audience of millions and millions of people worldwide, but it’s also set in the future, implying that progress is not only spaceships and interplanetary colonisation, but also in the way of acceptance of identity outside the gender binary.

So yeah, let’s take a moment to appreciate the awesome lady in Doctor Who that was totally chill about trans* folk without making a big show of it. You go, girl*!
(*or gentleman, or variations thereof.)

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You may not be able to see your own beauty or love yourself but one day, someone will. You have only lived such a small part of your life, you will never know what the future brings. So, keep going. Hold on. You are never alone. ♥

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Hogwarts houses posters

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my faves from the 2014 baftas

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Ben C Edits     156/?


Ben C Edits     156/?

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